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A Year of Adventuring: February

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February always feels much shorter than it actually is, and as usual, this year it passed in the blink of an eye. Despite that, I still managed to pack in a ton of stuff–birthday celebrations, phone calls with old friends, conferences, and weekend trips. February was an exciting month.

Keeping up with my New Years resolution, this month I visited two new places: Washington, D.C. and Vermont!

My trip to D.C. was short and sweet–I spent about 24 hours in the city for a day-long conference, but also managed to squeeze in some sightseeing and dinner with one of my best friends. (Note the picture of me grinning way too hard at the Lincoln Memorial at 6 am.)

Vermont was super exciting, partly because I’ve been wanting to visit Vermont forever (and it’s so close, you’d think I would have by now), but also because I got to go skiing for the first time! The trip itself was fun, though really weird, in a sitcom kind of way, and skiing was really the highlight. I won’t talk too much about what happened (spoiler alert: I fell a lot), but I did manage to make one run without falling, so I’m considering the entire thing a success.

I think I’m starting to get the hang of this New England thing. (Though, to be honest, I stayed inside all day yesterday because the windchill was in the negative and I’m really just not into that.) Things have been a little crazy, particularly with writing (more on that soon) and work, but I’m figuring out the balance of everything and starting to realize just how excited I am for this year.

A Writer’s Resolutions

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I’ve always made writing resolutions. That’s not going to change. But, due to recent events (namely my impending graduation and some interest in one of my novels), I’m amending my usual “write every day” resolution to include some more professional goals. So, without further ado, here are my New Year’s resolutions for 2015.

1. Make an effort to understand and utilize Twitter to its fullest extent.

If you know me at all, you know Twitter is not my thing. For about a year now, I’ve had an account (made for me by a particularly pushy friend) that has sat inactive. But a few days ago, I realized that even if I don’t necessarily like Twitter, or even feel like I don’t have anything worthwhile to say, it’s pretty important. I needed to learn how to promote myself as a writer, and honestly, Twitter is the way to do it. Follow me: @kristinwaites

2. Put my work out there

By “out there,” I mean everywhere. I’m going to enter contests, send stories to literary magazines and websites, and query relentlessly. It’s something that I often slack on, but it’s the most important part of having an actual career as a writer. After all, who’s going to pay me if i never send them any of my work?

3. Write every day

You didn’t think I’d leave this out, did you? Sometimes it feels redundant to tell myself to write–after all, it’s something I love to do. Still, life gets in the way sometimes, and it’s hard to make time for fun when I’m swamped with work. This is less of a career-oriented thing than a happiness thing. I’m happier when I’m writing regularly, so I’m making a resolution to be happy.

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